Welcome to Epicurus Principal Doctrines Commentary Epicurus Principle Doctrines form a useful guide to his thought. They are not always easy to relate to the modern world. Following a discussion on the Epicurean mailing list EPL, this wiki was formed to allow collaborative contributions to a commentary on the Principle Doctrines.

Translation used is from Project Gutenberg, so it is out of copyright. It is the translation of Robert Drew Hicks:

The idea really is to increase our understanding of Epicurus. In particular, to explore how his thought can be applied, practically, in the modern world. Also, to provide a critique where there may be areas of difficulty.

The intention is to use this wiki to produce a book on the Principle Doctrines. Collaborative contributions can be difficult to publish if copyright is defaulted. Consequently, all contributors agree to relinquish all copyright claims to material they provide on this wiki by contributing. However, all contributors who register their names on this wiki will be acknowledged in the book if it is ever published. With this exception, this wiki follows the copyright notice at the bottom of this page - that is the contents are covered by the CC-BY-SA. ==


Epicurus Principle Doctrines - Robert Drew Hicks translation

General Comments relevant to all Doctrines

Doctrine 1 Why gods don't bother

Doctrine 2 Why death doesn't matter

Doctrine 3 Why pleasure is greater than pain

Doctrine 4 The limits of pain

Doctrine 5 Virtue for pleasure

Doctrine 6 Value of status and power - 1

Doctrine 7 Value of status and power - 2

Doctrine 8 Some pleasures too costly

Doctrine 9 Undifferentiated pleasure

Doctrine 10 Debauchery

Doctrine 11 Nature study

Doctrine 12 Myth prevents pleasure

Doctrine 13 Fear of phantoms

Doctrine 14 Value of power and wealth

Doctrine 15 Vanity

Doctrine 16 Chance

Doctrine 17 Unjust man

Doctrine 18 Mental pleasure

Doctrine 19 Time

Doctrine 20 Limits

Doctrine 21 Needs are easy

Doctrine 22 Sense and sensibility

Doctrine 23 Sensation as an absolute

Doctrine 24 Get it right

Doctrine 25 Keep it natural

Doctrine 26 Unnecessary desires

Doctrine 27 Primacy of friendship

Doctrine 28 Friendship as security

Doctrine 29 Types of desire

Doctrine 30 Unnecessary desire

Doctrine 31Natural Justice

Doctrine 32 Barbarians

Doctrine 33 Absolute justice

Doctrine 34 Why not be unjust -1

Doctrine 35 Why not be unjust -2

Doctrine 36 Absolute & Relative Justice

Doctrine 37 Test of Justice

Doctrine 38 Justice requires change

Doctrine 39 Tranquillity - Befriend, mollify or avoid if possible

Doctrine 40 On not being a smug bastard

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